I am a Technical Creative located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born a Filipina-American in the Central Coast of California and raised with Pilipino traditions, culture, food, and language (Tagalog) by Pilipino immigrant parents. With an elementary school teacher mom and a traffic engineer dad, it’s no wonder I enjoy learning new (and complex) things and having a passion to teach it to others when given the opportunity.

When I was young, I pretended to be a commercial by reading the sides of cereal boxes. You know the short story or summary about the cereal or the box of ice cream? Yea, those!  As I got older, I became interested in reading those patient/physician inserts found with your prescription. You know the folded up paper that you typically don’t bother reading? Yup! I liked pretending I was a commercial when reading those aloud to myself, too! Little did I know that you can actually get paid to talk aloud about products on television and radio, as well as educating learners from the computer at work (or at home. Thanks, 2020 pandemic!)

Fast forward to 2011, after being laid off from a major biotech company, I finally take an introduction class to voice overs. After taking more classes, I recorded my demos. In 2012, I started contracting with my former company utilizing my project management and quality assurance skills, and then I reconnected with former colleagues. One of them happened to be an instructional designer. When she found out that I have been training as a voice over artist, she suggested that I record eLearning modules for them. By 2013, I became the founder/owner/voice over artist of AmpOnTheAir Voice Overs, as well as becoming an approved vendor for my former biotech company (while still also contracting with the device development group as a project manager and as a quality assurance document specialist). My first paying gig was recording my first eLearning module for the device development lab! As I continued to train as a voice actor, I also trained as a stage actor, which led me to my theatrical, debut acting gig in 2017, where I also recorded their promotional trailer to advertise the production.

WELGA – A Filipino American Play by Conrad A. Panganiban, Bindlestiff Studio
(2017). AmpOnTheAir Voice Overs voiced the theatrical promo and acted in the
play. I’m in this video during rehearsal.

As an active and working artist since 2013 and 20+ years experience in the biotech-pharmaceutical industry, a passion for quality assurance, plus a multicultural life experience through family, travel, acting, and voice acting training, my mission for AmpOnTheAir Voice Overs is to share these gifts, as well as fill my soul while building relationships with my clients — establishing a partnership. Collaborating with my clients to ensure we put their vision into the voice they need in a finished, studio-quality audio-recording that is delivered on time and within budget.

Let’s chat soon and see if we’re a good fit for collaborating on your next project!